Wuhan Lab Leak Theory – What Happened at that lab in China?

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Wuhan Lab Leak Theory – What Happened at that lab in China?

The Wuhan lab leak theory is back in the news again. There are many people that understand China and believe the best explanation for the Convid 19 epidemic is that it leaked from the lab in Wuhan, China. People are not yet going far enough to say it was intentional. They just think there may have been gain of function research happening and perhaps a lab worker was infected. The Wet market theory seems to have been debunked.

Who is the culprit for the Covid 19 Wuhan lab leak theory?

The more we learn about the Wet Market Pox epidemic in China, the more I think we are right. The actual leak of the virus likely came from the Wuhan lab. If not, why was it isolated in that city and not one of the other cities that was infected? Why is the Wuhan lab leak theory the most viable theory? One problem is there is so much circumstantial evidence on both sides. The viral load in some areas was only about 1/10 the norm. If the Chinese CDC did not want the virus in America, why not say so? They let us know in 2004. Why not stop it then? The virus could be coming back. It has mutated and could be a new virus. It could be in East Africa and Zimbabwe. How could that be? It could also be the mutated gorilla virus or a new strain of bird flu.

In the comments of the recent article on the Wuhan Lab Leak theory, one of the commenters said that the Lab Leak Theory has been proposed for 10 years. If this is true, it is not a new theory, it is just that the first attempt at a scientific opinion on the leaking of a virus from a Chinese lab was made 10 years ago. The first theory proposed for the leak was that a WHO lab worker brought the virus back to China with them when he returned from Guinea in 2004. That explanation has been debunked already.

Who in the US Knew that the lab leak was a possibility?

If the population (audience) of Convid was not aware that a lab leak could have caused this pandemic it does not matter who the blame falls on. The scope of knowledge in the country must be expanding. The scientific and political situation in the USA has kept this issue hidden for over a year, and nobody in a position of power wants to talk about it. The CIA are very much part of the picture and no-one in Washington wants to go on record as admitting this can happen. For whatever reasons, the US media and governmental authorities are not willing to accept that infectious disease outbreaks can be released into a population. People have blamed media bias. The media always report that a pandemic has been stopped, and that the problem is not serious.

Could Lives Have Been Saved if We Looked at the Lab Leak Earlier?

When in response to Wet Market theory researcher Eric S. Richards says, “Perhaps a government research institute can somehow have kept employees out of the Wuhan lab. This would have averted the number of lethal Hep C cases estimated by Guoqing.” I think he missed the point. If this scenario was true we would have to assume the original source of the epidemic was a government research institute. If a government research institute is suspected of having an HIV testing facility. What then? As long as it was not disclosed, Hepatitis C treatment could have continued, if there were a syringe exchange program in the area and an anonymous hepatitis C information reporting hotline set up.

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Reconsidering the Wet market Theory

Many people in the scientific community are of the opinion that the Wet market theory is a complete bust. There is a lot of research going on for possible bioweapons, and a lot of research going on with the possibilities of warfare biological weapons. Even if Wuhan does not give that clues, there are plenty of possible leads for the Chinese. But the Wet market has many pieces that don’t fit and it was quickly turned down for being too far-fetched.

What Did the US State Department Do to Obstruct the Investigation Into the Wuhan Lab Leak?

Two Chinese Communist officials and several US citizens died during the investigation into the Wuhan lab leak epidemic. Why is this? The United States blocked extradition of the Chinese conspirators. The people that died in the US were members of the Chinese Consulate in Detroit, Michigan. They were cremated in Detroit, Michigan, or a crematory in Illinois. This is a way for the Chinese government to cover up the nationalities of the deceased. It is not illegal to do cremations in the US. However, it is illegal to impersonate an American citizen and hold American citizenship. The National Archives record says the body was cremated in an American crematory.

The Wuhan Lab Leak Theory

If a Wuhan lab worker had been infected at the same time that Convid 19 killed a popular local but died in the hospital, there was a lot of publicity and a lot of attention paid to this. So there are some people who believe this is what happened.

But what is the evidence for this?

A lab worker in China with a matching illness died recently. He died in the same hospital as the Convid 19 patient died, and in a different building. A new disease has appeared in the country of China at the same time and location where a new disease has been found in another country in the same hemisphere. I am making this statement with the available data. At this time, there is only circumstantial evidence, and it does not provide any proof.

The Convid 19 Theory

It all started in 2013 with a very bizarre news story. A young girl in Shanghai was injected by a young girl in Wuhan and became critically ill. After several months she became better. After being hospitalized, the girl was sent back home. She also recovered after the 6 month treatment. The next few months however, her sister experienced the same fever and symptoms. She died before her 16th birthday. This story spread like wildfire. News channels around the world reported it. The story was even featured on the hit sci-fi TV show, Fringe. The story became the core reason to get rid of H7N9. We suspect the Shenzhen lab in mainland China who identified the bacteria may have contracted it. At first, it appeared the epidemic only spread in China but it kept spreading.


There is really not a huge amount we can conclude about what happened with the Convid outbreak yet. We know at least one-third of the Wet market symptoms were directly attributable to contamination and the Convid outbreak started about one week after the Convid breakout. We also know the primary product that made the outbreak happen is known for people that are working with viruses. Of course we also know the primary product is very hard to get and that it does not leave a trace in the urine of the infected persons. The most likely conclusion to the outbreak is that there was some sort of secret research being done at the Convid lab and it got out. We have no idea where that might have gone and probably won’t ever know, at least for a while.

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As a Republican I am a conservative but have a little libertarian leanings. I about 80% a Trump supporter. I agree with him most of the time but as I am a person that thinks for himself I don't go along with him just because he is the President. I am not like liberals that think their candidates are Gods and never wrong.