Things You Can’t Miss In Evergreen, Colorado


Things You Can’t Miss In Evergreen, Colorado

Off-road bikes in town, mountain bikers and runners, moose in the meadows, fly fishing in Upper Bear Creek, birdwatching and boating on Evergreen Lake are the order of the day. In the beautiful Evergreen CO. you can play a round of golf.

Evergreen Colorado
Evergreen Colorado

Off-road biking

Booming Trailhead When it comes to bike riding, there is no place in Colorado as ideal as the wilderness of the San Juan National Forest. How better to explore the mountains than by pedalling a bike? Just 90 minutes north of Denver, Evergreen, Colorado is the place to go for off-road mountain biking. A new trail network connects trails in the towns of Evergreen and Broomfield and provides an extensive off-road biking trail network. Get out there! Flying in to the town of Evergreen is like landing on the set of Lord of the Rings and you will have more opportunities to get in touch with nature than any other town in Colorado. On the west side of the town, you will find a field called Spruce Meadows, and this may well be the best place in the world to go flying in an ultralight plane.

Mountain biking

Two or three times a week there is an organized group ride in town, running from April to October. You can do a lap around Town Center and for half a mile along the stream. For more, go to Fishing Wildlife biologist Rick Kiedaisch has been here for more than three decades. He also runs the local Fly Shop for Fun & Recreation on C.R. 257 in Evergreen, which stocks gear and fly fishing equipment for adults and kids. Trail running One of the trails in the Elk Meadows Loop, Mt. Norquay Trail, opened last summer and brings you to look at the Cascade Mountains on the east side of town. An area called Upper Bear Creek is a great place for fly fishing. The Bear Creek Trail is a popular route for runners as it starts in the Historic Evergreen Depot and runs along Town Center.


You will never be bored on the high meadows of Evergreen Co. You can hike into the treetops, climb the highest peak in the valley, fish in the waters of Upper Bear Creek, play a round of golf or go for a leisurely drive in the open roads and take in the vista of peaks and evergreen trees at every turn. These are the ones on our highland hill. In the shady valleys there are magnificent meadows and waterfalls, and in the valleys below there are trout and salmon. Not only do you have many wildlife-watching opportunities with one in every two cars being a mountain bike, mountain-biking and hiking vehicle, but there are the trails to explore, too. One place you should visit on a hike is the Fairy Falls, just outside of the town of Evergreen Co.


Evergreen Lake is also home to several of the largest moose in the area, so it makes sense to go and see these animals. Even if you aren’t going to be brave enough to get on a bike and go hunting, it’s still nice to have the opportunity to view the majestic animals from afar. We like to walk the trail on the north shore to see the moose. The usual park and ride system operates throughout the City and County of Denver. The Mayor’s Challenge Ride is a great event that takes place every September and is open to all cyclists. They have a lot of races to choose from so you could even choose to do a cycling tour around Denver. Horsetooth Mountain Bike Park This is a must see for mountain bikers in the area.

Fly fishing

Local fly-fishing guide Mike Devereaux helped establish the Evergreen Ponds public fishing sites in a special area for the exceptional fishing of rainbow trout, cutthroat trout and Dolly Varden and their families. (No trout are kept.) Next door to the ponds is the Mountain Open-Water Fly Shop, where he coaches through the 3-day Wild Trout Trout Fishing School, held in the fall. Sugarloaf Mountain The last of the seven main peaks rising above the valley. The black peak that resembles the top of a sugarloaf is called Snowy Peak. Just out-of-bounds for ordinary mortals but not for mountain bikers. Evergreen Bike Shop The heart of the city is the Evergreen Bike Shop. It’s a labyrinth of cycling (and apparel) history, the best bike shop in town and a bike mecca.


Up and around with a native bird guide and a pair of binoculars? Colorado has nearly 300 species of birds and counting, and will offer you every opportunity to get an up-close and personal look at this fascinating world. Evergreen is a sanctuary for birders of all stripes. There’s more than 150 species of bird you can expect to see in Evergreen County, with some northern birds visiting as far south as the Front Range. Birding here is easy and popular. To guide you along your tour, a helpful Evergreen Bird Society volunteer named Jan will be more than happy to chat with you about the park and surrounding area. She’ll point out the birds and local wildlife you’ll spot on your birding adventure. With nearly 350 bird species, you’re sure to find something unique in Evergreen County.


Pond One Evergreen Golf & Country Club Before tee-ing off, come out to Pond One Golf & Country Club. Here the tapestry of birch, aspen and pine colors stretches out into the waters of the indoor pond, which has two 18-hole courses. The 2,650 square foot 18-hole course is regarded by locals as one of the best in the area, as is the 3,200 square foot pro shop. Its exceptional courses, great service, and eco-tourism based approach appeal to a wide range of golfers. Shopping Highlands Shops A peek inside The Highlands Shops is a treat for the eyes. The energy of this gem of a town oozes through every square inch. The Highlands has a wide range of stores with everything from unique, locally owned items, to big box shopping.


Be sure to get out of town and head to the steep hills to play your round. It’s often a great way to start your summer trip. For more information on the area’s top golf resorts visit http://www. Evergreen is famous for its golf. The Grassmere and Evergreen Lake are both popular. The Evergreen Lake Golf Course and Evergreen Springs golf Course are both located on the outskirts of town. The Willow Creek Golf Course is only a few miles outside of Evergreen, but boasts some amazing holes along with superb views. Birdwatching Evergreen is the home of the Gewald brothers, who have been bird watching in this area since 1955. Evergreen is very well known as one of the best places to observe birds.


The thriving recreation industry has made Evergreen Co. a growing destination. The city and its surrounds are full of natural beauty, a vibrant community of artisans and a soaring sense of civic pride. Evergreen has the unique advantage of offering recreational pursuits in places where few else dare to go. It’s a great place for a little getaway, a weekend-long camping trip or a destination wedding and there is always something to see and do. Evergreen will be easier to find if you stay in the town of Evergreen which is always full of tourists and visitors enjoying the mountain biking, hiking, fly fishing and mountain biking, cycling, golfing, hunting, snowmobiling, or any of the other activities that the cool, sunny hills and cold blue waters of the reservoir and mountains have to offer.

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I am the owner and employing broker at a real estate company located in Colorado. I was asked to be a guest blogger on Politically Social due to my work experience as a small business owner, a day trader and the owner of a real estate brokerage firm. I have spent most of my adult life as a person in tuned with the business world and studying the economy.