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Ryan P Loewer – Jefferson County Magistrate – Judge Review

Just like we spotlight judges and magistrates that need to be retained in Jefferson County, Colorado and the US we need to spotlight Judges and Magistrates like Ryan Loewer that should never wear a black robe. Should never be given the power to make adult decisions or destroy another human’s life. Magistrate Loewer is the first judge on our do not retain list. There are many reasons to note vote for this man but we will touch on the highlights. Keep in mind this is only the opinion for the group Reform Our Family Courts Now. The group that focuses on equal right in family court, constitutional rights and fairness and judicial oversight in a system that conducts most of their trials behind closed doors.

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Magistrate (Judge) Loewer Seems to Ignore Evidence

On at least one trial Loewer seemed (in our opinion) over stepped his authority by completely ignoring evidence and the evidence he didn’t ignore he flat out distorted and did not understand it. He seems to be a very dangerous man to have such great power handed to him by the state of Colorado. Any judge like Ryan Loewer that completely ignores civil and constitutional rights of anyone in their court should be removed from the bench. Any judge that completely over steps their authority (again our opinion) and with the bang of the gavel takes away the freedom of people that have not even actually committed a crime is nothing more than a narcissistic monster fulfilling their own ego. To have that kind of person in our court system that is already broken, is extremely dangerous to our freedom.

Loewer Has no Interest in Due Process

It is our opinion that Ryan Loewer lacks the fundamental knowledge of how to apply law to a case. He seems to just randomly come to his own conclusion as he ignores facts. It is a shame that such a man was ever appointed to the Jefferson County Courts in the first place and anyone reading this should be scared there is so much power in the hands of such men. Voting this man out will send a signal to Jefferson County that we will not allow people of power to abuse it.

It is a judges Job To Abide by The Constitution

A judge is not put on the bench to write laws or “legislate from the bench”. We have elected officials for that. A judge is not supposed to ignore law and write their own law because they like themselves better and think they know what is best. In our opinion Magistrate (Judge) Ryan Loewer feels the need to ignore the laws on the books and just use his best judgment to make a ruling. The fact that people can walk into Judge Loewer’s courtroom and not commit a crime and have their rights stripped away should trouble anyone. Democrats, Republicans, Independent and Democratic Socialists alike. This is not a partisan issue when it comes to our rights in court. Anyone can be harmed by an overreaching judge. 

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We would love to find a picture somewhere of Ryan Loewer

We are very efficient at mining data. We have scrubbed the entire internet and the Jefferson County Courthouse and were not able to find one single picture of Ryan Loewer. We found that very strange. Not sure why someone in such a high position would need to scrub the internet of their information. We have always found it ironic that it is impossible to find pictures of some judges and magistrates in Jefferson County. We also find it ironic that the ones that we think are awesome and fair judges we are able to find their photo right there on the Jefferson County judicial website. The ones we think are over stepping their authority (our opinion again) are impossible to find. They aren’t on the Jefferson County website and an extensive Google search finds no return either. Who exactly are these people hiding from? They work for us the people. We have seen judges not rule in our favor but understood they were fair and doing their jobs. The ones that have the need to hide are the ones that should be voted out. So reason for this long explanation there is currently no image available for magistrate Loewer.

This is the opinion of Reform Our Family Courts Now about the performance of Magistrate Ryan Loewer


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Interpretation Of the Law


Understanding Constitution


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Judge (magistrate) Ryan Loewer Jefferson County
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Judge (magistrate) Ryan Loewer
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We are an organization that believes for equality in family courts. We are of the opinion our family courts do not take into consideration of what is best for the child. We feel in most cases 50/50 should be the only option. We believe constitution and civil rights do not exist in family court throughout the nation. Due process and transparency is non existent in family court.

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