Judge (magistrate) Ryan Loewer

Ryan P Loewer – Jefferson County Magistrate

Just like we spotlight judges and magistrates that need to be retained in Jefferson County, Colorado and the US we need to spotlight Judges and Magistrates like Ryan Loewer that should never wear a black robe. Should never be given the power to make adult decisions or destroy another human’s life. Magistrate Loewer is the first judge on our do not retain list. There are many reasons to note vote for this man but we will touch on the highlights. Keep in mind this is only the opinion for the group Reform Our Family Courts Now. The group that focuses on equal right in family court, constitutional rights and fairness and judicial oversight in a system that conducts most of their trials behind closed doors.

Magistrate (Judge) Loewer Seems to Ignore Evidence

On at least one trial Loewer seemed (in our opinion) over stepped his authority by completely ignoring evidence and the evidence he didn’t ignore he flat out distorted and did not understand it. He seems to be a very dangerous man to have such great power handed to him by the state of Colorado. Any judge like Ryan Loewer that completely ignores civil and constitutional rights of anyone in their court should be removed from the bench. Any judge that completely over steps their authority (again our opinion) and with the bang of the gavel takes away the freedom of people that have not even actually committed a crime is nothing more than a narcissistic monster fulfilling their own ego. To have that kind of person in our court system that is already broken, is extremely dangerous to our freedom.

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About the author: Reform Courts
We are an organization that believes for equality in family courts. We are of the opinion our family courts do not take into consideration of what is best for the child. We feel in most cases 50/50 should be the only option. We believe constitution and civil rights do not exist in family court throughout the nation. Due process and transparency is non existent in family court.

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