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Real Estate Agent Denver CO Talks About the Market

Real estate agents in Denver, CO are seeing a market a market shift. Although the market is still seeing sales we are not seeing the crazy appreciation we have seen the few years.

“It is actually nice to see buyers gain a little traction finally. The market has been a little too nuts.”

Danny Skelly – Real Estate Agent Denver, CO

The market in Colorado is still trying to assess the direction Colorado is going politically. There is really no denying that politics plays a large roll in the real estate market. The current political climate in Colorado seems to be steering the Colorado economy away from fossil fuels and fracking. That has been a huge reason for the large influx of residents the last few years.

Real estate agents in Denver, CO have all been discussing the change in the market. Even outside the Denver Metro area Realtors are seeing a slowdown in all the indicators that point to a seller market. Especially North of Denver where most of the oil and gas industry is. Mix that with the slow down in the rental market so investors will not be gobbling up inventory.

Real Estate Agents Denver, CO

There really the amount of homes available on the market this year is lower than last year this month but not by much. We are still seeing prices rising (although a few areas have taken a slight dip).

“Buyers are still safe buying now. The homes have been holding and increasing in value all around.”

Denver, CO Real Estate Agent

In conclusion the Denver Real Estate Market has continued to hold on to a seller market for a long time. It hasn’t stopped yet.

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I am the owner and employing broker at a real estate company located in Colorado. I was asked to be a guest blogger on Politically Social due to my work experience as a small business owner, a day trader and the owner of a real estate brokerage firm. I have spent most of my adult life as a person in tuned with the business world and studying the economy.

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