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Jefferson County Mens Republican Breakfast

Jefferson County: Republican Men’s Club Breakfast

Our group meets every Monday at 7AM in the Davie’s Diner at 1-151 W. 26th Street.  Admission is $5 and you can get a great breakfast off of the menu.  Our goal is to learn about America’s History, Heritage, Founding and Freedom Documents; The Declaration of Independence, U. S. Constitution and its incredibly important Bill of Rights.

We also hear from our appointed, hired and elected public officials, and the public policy issues, events and personalities of the day, that often so profoundly influence and mandate our freedoms, standards of living and quality of life.  There are several books we suggest in the reading list that will increase your personal political power, understanding and clout, through increasing your political literacy, and deepen your knowledge of our country’s founding and core beliefs.

American Creed
I am an American.  I support the principles of America’s Founders, with a steadfast devotion to limited government, lower taxes, individual freedom, and personal responsibility.
I cherish the Declaration of Independence–“all men… are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness” and that “all men are created equal.”
I support self-governing people, free enterprise, free markets, a strong national defense, private property, rule of law, and secure borders. I know, love and defend the United States Constitution and its incredibly important Bill of Rights. I pledge to do all within my considerable personal power to protect this land that I love, and its people.
I declare a faithful, “firm reliance on the protection of Divine Providence,” and in support of this Creed: “We mutually pledge to each other our lives, our fortunes and our sacred honor.”

Liberty Lives Forever Project

This is a project to get a copy of the US Constitution into the hands of middle school and high school students in the state.  It is approved by Jeffco School superintendent Jason Glass.  Give a hand!  Pick an elementary school and follow these steps:

1)  Get your personal copy of the resolution from Jefferson County School Board.

2)  Get a sample(s) of the Liberty Lives Forever pocket Constitution booklet and teacher’s packet (Phone, 303-989-4833). $1 each.

3)  Call a local middle school or high school for an appointment with the principal, to show the materials and the letter to the secretary or principal.

4)  If the school would like the materials, get a commitment that they will follow the program as described – We need accountability.

5) You may want to offer to personally present the informational materials to the class as a community resource.

6)  Pick up materials from Liberty Lives Forever, 1530 S. Zang St., Lakewood, CO 80228, or Liberty Day will otherwise provide,
or mail to the school/teacher

7)  If a volunteer picked up materials from the office, deliver them to the school, .

8)  Follow up after the booklet’s “centerfold” 24 Question’s and Answer’s have been taught, by making an(other) appointment
to go into the class and ask some of the questions to the students to see what they know

9) THANK YOU very much for taking your valuable time and expertise, and making the effort to get this historical and currently
very timely and important information to your community’s students. You have performed an outstanding service. Again, THANK YOU.

Please help get out this word that it is not only okay and desirable, but people are heartily encouraged on an individual, volunteer basis,
to so get out the word of the importance of America’s Freedom Documents to our young people.
Thanks, Dan.

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Aug 10 2020


7:00 am - 8:30 pm




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Davie's Diner


Davie's Diner
1-151 W. 26th Street
Jefferson County Republican Men's Club


Jefferson County Republican Men's Club

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