Awesome the dog for Mayor

Mayor of Evergreen, CO

It is our honor to announce our mascot and spokes person, Awesome (the dog), will be launching his political career in 2020. He will be running for Honorary Mayor of Evergreen, CO. This is sponsored by the Evergreen, CO.

Evergreen Honorary Mayor 2020

Evergreen’s Honorary Mayor will be elected in 2020. And it’s a dog!

In a time of intense politics in our country, Evergreen is choosing “pawlitics” instead. Community members nominate and run their beloved dogs for the coveted office of Honorary Mayor of Evergreen.

Evergreen, CO and The Honorary mayor program will start January 15th and Mayor will be announced February 21st.

Vote for Awesome (the dog) for Evergreen Honorary Mayor 2020

Awesome (the dog) Evergreen Mayor
Mayor of Evergreen, CO – Awesome (the dog)

The Evergreen Mayor…

EAPL Evergreen Mayor – Awesome (the dog)
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