Judge Diego Hunt 1st Judicial District Jefferson County

Judge Reviews Jefferson County CO – 2020

It is sometimes hard to find judge reviews in Jefferson County CO. We have reviewed a few for you. If you would like to submit your judge review please reach out and contact us.

First, the only only DO NOT RETAIN judge we have so far in our in depth review of judges and magistrates in Jefferson County. Magistrate (Judge) Ryan P Loewer of Jefferson County:

Magistrate (Judge) Loewer Seems to Ignore Evidence

On at least one trial Loewer seemed (in our opinion) over stepped his authority by completely ignoring evidence and the evidence he didn’t ignore he flat out distorted and did not understand it. He seems to be a very dangerous man to have such great power handed to him by the state of Colorado. Any judge like Ryan Loewer that completely ignores civil and constitutional rights of anyone in their court should be removed from the bench. Any judge that completely over steps their authority (again our opinion) and with the bang of the gavel takes away the freedom of people that have not even actually committed a crime is nothing more than a narcissistic monster fulfilling their own ego. To have that kind of person in our court system that is already broken, is extremely dangerous to our freedom….Read More About Ryan Loewer

Next we have the BEST and fairest judge in all of Jefferson County. Judge Diego Hunt. Every judge should be so lucky to clerk for this guy. He is amazing. PLEASE VOTE TO RETAIN JUDGE DIEGO HUNT!

Judge Diego Hunt Must Be Retained – 1st Judicial District Jefferson County

Judge Diego Hunt was the only fair judge in Jefferson County I have had in my 5 year long nightmare of abuse from my ex and the family courts. It was told me by my first attorney that neither party should walk away from a trial or hearing feeling they “won”. Although that is an awful way to look at family court it is true. This is lost on narcissists and abusers. People that use the system for their own little revenge tool.

Diego Hunt is Equally Fair and Mean to Both Parties

Judge Diego Hunt 1st Judicial District Jefferson County
Judge Diego Hunt 1st Judicial District Jefferson County

I was not 100% satisfied with Judge Diego Hunt’s ruling or his depiction of me. With that being said it was very fair. He didn’t necessarily understand or acknowledge why I was a “jerk” as he put it. I wish he would of understand my life for the last 5 years was equivalent of someone being abused on a daily bases by an awful person. I would assume he wouldn’t consider a woman being abused that was upset as a “jerk”. He also grossly misrepresented my income in my opinion. I have spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on attorney and court costs including some of my ex’s attorney fees. He failed to understand I have fought false allegations, watched my ex perjur herself every time she sat on the stand. I watched her attorneys lie and distort the facts and lie to try to steal my children. So yes after 5 years of that, I am a jerk and damn proud of it……Read More About Diego Hunt

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Nest we have a relatively decent judge. We believe she should be retained She does her best but she is no Diego Hunt. She is very fair to both parties for the most part. She was very nice and respectful and knows what she is doing up there on the bench.

Judge (Magistrate) Moultrie and ruling on motions

Magistrate (Judge) Moultrie was what (in the grand scheme of our broken legal system and family courts) rather fair. So right off the bat we would like to say she should be retained and voted to stay on the bench. She was very tough but very understanding at the same time. That is how family court judges need to be. She granted every objection that she should have and denied the ones that didn’t have merit. That was on both sides including this reviewers.

Pax Moultrie and putting the children first

Pax Moultrie seemed as if she truly cared about the well being of the children in her rulings as well as her discussions during the trial. The reviewer of Moultrie was pro se and she was very patient to make sure they got a fair trial without overstepping her restrictions on offering legal advise. Moultrie offered breaks when she saw things getting tense or bad in the courtroom for people to regroup and calm down…Read More About Pax Moultrie

About the author: Reform Courts
We are an organization that believes for equality in family courts. We are of the opinion our family courts do not take into consideration of what is best for the child. We feel in most cases 50/50 should be the only option. We believe constitution and civil rights do not exist in family court throughout the nation. Due process and transparency is non existent in family court.

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This judge needs to go too! It is unreal what this horrible woman did to this father
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