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How Trump’s Actions Could Be Sabotaging The Economy

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President Trump may finally be coming to terms with the fact that he’s leaving Washington on Jan. 20. So what’s he doing about it?

Leaving the government and the economy in the worst possible condition, it seems. Critics have wondered if Trump would burn the house down as an act of spite on the way out, and we’re now seeing evidence that he and his henchmen are starting to set fires.

On Nov. 19, Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin said his department would end a set of emergency lending programs Congress enacted in the CARES Act in March. These programs provide aid for small and midsized businesses, along with state and local governments, that could total around $4 trillion if fully enacted. They were crucial to restoring confidence in markets when stocks were in free-fall earlier this year. Markets stabilized as it became apparent an array of emergency programs would be able to provide ample liquidity and prevent a meltdown....READ MORE

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