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Full Send Bike Ranch Conifer, Colorado

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Full Send Bike Ranch Conifer Colorado - The Pros and Cons

There are strong opinions on both sides of this argument. It is understandable that neighbors of the proposed park are concerned about the increase in traffic and the possible impact on wildlife in the area. There has been a group started to stop the development of this park. They are suggesting alternatives they believe are better than the current location. The thing is that no matter where someone tries to develop these days there is always a group that is opposed to such development. 

Section 1: The Proposal

The proposal would place 15-20 bikes on a segment of the creek and a total of 5 miles would be developed. It is estimated that at least 500 people per weekend could use this park. The land is currently owned by a private land trust with a lease of 60 years. They have only opened 2 previous bike parks but already have contracts for 2 more parks. The proposed new bike park would use parts of 2 existing trails and also part of the one trail that they are building now. Some of the other trails would be developed to provide access to the beginner and intermediate trails already in the park. The bike park would offer 2 trails one on each side of the creek and they are separated by a creek ravine. The new trail would allow up to 20 people at a time

The Negative Impact

The residents and business owners in this area are very concerned about the potential of congestion and potential issues with wildlife. They worry about safety and the environmental impact to the area. You can see some of the social media posts showing the local concerns about the bike ranch here.

On the other side of the argument are those who are familiar with biking and the trails in the area. They believe the proposed location is a safe location that is close to many places of interest for people that enjoy the outdoors. These local cyclists are generally in favor of the bike park. They think that Conifer is a great place to have a bike park. This is because Conifer is close to many outdoor activities like hiking, biking, skiing, boating, snowmobiling, and more.

The Positive Impact

There is a movement that is trying to start in Colorado called Full Send. The basic idea of Full Send is a reminder to us that bikes and nature are friends. It starts with a recreational bike ride along the prairie canyons and ends with a gathering where everyone enjoys a barbeque and the company of fellow bike riders and nature lovers. If the Full Send camp in Conifer starts it can develop into something that is enjoyed by many in the area. Many people enjoy riding out and camping at least part of the time. This is a great opportunity for them to meet other like minded individuals.

Bike Ranch Conifer

And all this occurs in a relatively rural setting where horses are allowed to roam on the property.


With over 16,000 comments on the subject, it is clear that many people have strong feelings about this proposal. In fact, the bike map has morphed into a “Not in my Backyard” issue. Some communities are proud of their unique areas, unique natural features and historic attractions. The bike trail is just one more way to showcase that special area and make it accessible to many more people.