Chris Ford Wuhan Lab Leak

Dr. Christopher Ford Wuhan Lab Leak Emails From US Department Of State

Dr. Christopher Ford Wuhan Lab Leak Emails From United States Department Of State

Dr. ChristopherFord from the US Department of State had his emails leaked regarding the Wuhan Lab leak theory. FOX News reported for many days when his emails were leaked. There needs to be an investigation in the lab leak theory and Christopher Ford and his department possible funding to Wuhan Lab as well as David Asher stated “Dr. Ford’s obstruction of the investigation”.

Christopher Ford Wuhan Lab Leak

FULL DISCLOSURE: I have personally known Chris (Dr. Ford) for almost 2 decades now. I have spent a good deal of time with Dr. Ford. He was at my wedding. I have known all 3 of his wives. Our families have vacationed together many times. I drank bourbon, smoked cigars and talked politics with Dr. Ford until wee hours of the morning until both our wives yelled at us to come to bed. I have always liked Chris.

David Asher Rips Dr Christopher Ford On Fox News

Christopher Ford is Torn and Ripped Apart By David Asher

Dr. Christopher Ford from the US Department of State and the Wuhan Lab Leak Emails

Other outlets reported, The FBI did their investigation, but they did not get all the facts as claimed by Christopher Ford and his emails were never published by FOX. The FBI did their investigation and got copies of all the emails and concluded, “The FBI cannot provide a clear explanation for why they did not publish the entire exchange between Christopher Ford and the Wuhan University representative from the FBI Laboratory and the District Laboratory Office”. The agents stated that “there are far too many discrepancies and impossibilities to publish a report on the email exchange as it is currently written”. Christopher Ford and his partner Dave Asher stated “However, there are indications that these passages were cut and pasted from a previous email.”

Chris Ford on Tucker

David Asher Statement about Dr. Ford’s Obstruction

David Asher stated that Dr. Ford blocked his investigation from the beginning and that Christopher Ford was at the beginning of the Leak Investigation. Please listen to the audio titled “Christopher Ford emails not leaked” and find out more about Christopher Ford’s email. Listen to the part with David Asher about Christopher Ford Asher was giving a short background and says that he didn’t have access to the China team. He found out about the communication between Chris and Xiangqun Qin’s resume for a job and told Asher to try to contact the admin and Chris was blocking him. Asher gets in contact with other investigators and tells them that they need to get David. We need to get the Admin, him and Chris also blocked them.

Fast forward to 5:12 minutes on the video below for Chris Ford’s Story on Tucker:

Sorry but “Procedulral” hurdles do not apply when millions of people are dying. You throw out procedures and do what is right for your country. There is no reason to worry about the Chinese “feelings” and diplomacy in this situation. Especially since the Chinese NOT following procedure is most likely what got us into this mess in the first place. If you would ever like advice from someone that doesn’t give a Wuhan bat’s ass about the procedure and would tell you how it is with common sense please reach out Chris. I knew in January when this began it could be from the lab.

Christopher Ford and his department funding of the Wuhan Lab – What Did he Know About Gain of Function Research?

(VIDEO) The main claim of the confirmation of the theory that the QM-RADS system used in Wuhan supposedly is used to clone cells from rats is that this system was used to clone both the animals and human DNA and that this is what led to the results being released. Ford seems to not want to talk about anything else but this. A. The results of the Wuhan Biology Dept using DNA technology to clone human and rat cells using rats were not published. They were intended to be for national security reasons. C. David Asher admitted that: “. I could feel his anger. You couldn’t tell how angry he was.” He felt the young researcher had been lied to. Ford was aware that he was not supposed to talk about the Wuhan laboratory.

Chris Ford Leaked Emails Lab Leak Theory

Chris Ford Leaked Email
Chris Ford Lab Leak Email
Chris Ford Email
Chris Ford Leaked Email

The US Department of State and the Funding of Christopher Ford

From FOX News: Beijing is furious about the US supply of American DNA and fingerprints to China to better police its 1.3 billion people. The so-called Wuhan Lab helps mainland China police a population of 1.3 billion. What is equally controversial is the fact that as one of the country’s top forensic experts,

The Lab Leak Theory

David Asher, creator of the Wuhan lab leak theory says, “Over a period of 20 years, they had a chronic problem with Russians hacking computers of NASA. The lab was subject to a constant stream of computer intrusions. At times, multiple locations would be compromised and the hacking would spread. During the late 1990s, the intrusions at the time were believed to be government-sponsored, so my team focused its research at the Russian facilities, NASA’s Langley Research Center (which was under construction at the time), and the Goddard Space Flight Center. I’m a strong proponent of the conspiracy theory that the Skripal poisoning is some kind of Russian government-sponsored attack. I think the public needs to understand what’s going on.

Dr. Christopher Ford had his emails leaked regarding the Wuhan Lab leak theory. FOX News reported for many days when his emails were leaked. FBI did their investigation, but they did not get all the facts as claimed by Christopher Ford and his emails. Dr. Ford’s response to all of his colleagues, Vanity Fair and good ‘ol Tucker. “I am not sure I have ever seen this kind of thing before. We don’t need your entire testimony. Sometimes you need to put down that law degree and use your common sense once in a while”

About Christopher Ford

At has been reported by other news outlets that Christopher Ford is the co-author of two of the three books on the Chemical and Biological weapons development in the United States and United Kingdom and a lead investigator in the 2007 death of two DEA workers in the Wuhan, China, laboratory. He also runs the Wuhan Lab Leak website.

Ford is the medical director at the Washington Poison Center and serves as a clinical toxicologist at George Washington University.

Christopher Ford had been appointed to the government’s Project BioShield panel in 2002. Project BioShield is an early warning system to identify biological weapons attacks prior to the arrival of dangerous agents. Project BioShield’s goal is to develop a public health and medical response plan should a biological attack occur.

Ford’s research Here. 

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UPDATE 7/18/2021: So I have read Chris Ford’s bizarre response to all of his colleagues, Vanity Fair and good ‘ol Tucker on Dr. Ford’s personal blog. It was bizarre to say the least. I am not sure I have ever seen this kind of thing before. Just take to Twitter like all other failed politicians and bureaucrats do. We don’t need your entire testimony. Sometimes you need to put down that law degree and use your common sense once in a while.

This is the part of his response I found odd “Let me be completely clear: From where I was sitting at the time, in the chair of the Under Secretary of State for Arms Control and International Security, I never saw any evidence of any effort at the State Department to prevent inquiry into the lab-leak idea.” My question for Dr. Ford is, then why was there no investigation? Why did you and the administration NOT look into it? Why were you more concerned about how looked to the “public”. I actually know the answer to that question as I have known you for years. You can say anything you want as your defense against why (15 months later) we are now starting to take the lab leak theory seriously. Your actions speak loud. Anyone with any common sense would ask themselves “hmmm that lab is pretty close to where the Chinese claimed this global pandemic started that killed millions around the world”. If it turns out that the virus started in that lab there are only two reasons this was not investigated properly. Either you are not competent to hold your position or did it on purpose to protect yourself and/or the Chinese communist government. Either way this theory is no longer a “conspiracy” as so many people in the State Department or the administration once claimed.

Another strange paragraph is this one in his open letter to the planet: “For purposes of this open letter, I’ll leave the issues of science to any of you who are scientists. As I told DiNanno in my January 4 message, “I do not have the scientific expertise to critique David’s claims. Nor do you. Nor, in fact, does he have actual technical training in the first place.” That is precisely why I insisted that AVC set up a panel of experts, and why — after they finally got around to arranging this peer review on January 7 — it was my duty to convey to my colleagues some of the concerns raised by the experts AVC had put on the panel. It may in the end turn out that science does prove that SARS-CoV-2 was the result of human intervention at WIV. But it would have been grievously irresponsible for us to adopt that theory publicly until it was much more able to stand on its own two feet that the January 7 panel discussion showed it to be at the time.” Now it is true that YOU do not have the scientific knowledge but you do have the political experience. Once again this was not something (at least as your role in this) that could be handled strictly by the scientific community. This end was very, very political. That would be your expertise, no? Intelligence gathering and responding in a political way. There were also other viroligists in the world. Fauci is not the only one. There were many that thought “lab leak” immediately. Did you not ask them their opinion? Did you only take Fauci’s lead on this? Did you ask ANYONE in the scientific community that agreed that it MAY have come from the lab?

In Dr. Ford’s attempt to seem more “human” he concluded his long, long blog post with “If you’ve read this far, however, my guess is that facts are indeed important to you. So thanks for listening.” Yes Chris, of course, I read to the end. I am hoping you did nothing wrong. I am hoping your department was not being doveish on China. I can tell you this was NOT a hawkish approach to this matter. We are supposed to be the country that keeps countries like China in check. We can not do this if we don’t have the balls to “embarrass[ing]” ourselves. China had no problems with accusing other countries. They even released on state run media it was our troops in Asia that spread the virus.

So Chris also apologizes for this “(Yes, I admit that I called the virus the “WuFlu.” At a time before the World Health Organization had come up with “non-stigmatizing” designators such as “Alpha,” and people talked freely about things like the “UK variant” or “South African variant,” it didn’t seem unfair to tag original virus as having indeed come from Wuhan. I’m afraid at another point I called it the “KungFlu,” too. None of this sounds as clever to me in retrospect as I fear it did at the time. But please remember that these were internal e-mails, not intended to see the light of day. Had I written these messages with an eye to public release, I would not have been so glib. Mea culpa.)” But not the way he handled the investigation. He is very clear that he will NOT apologize for that. This is looking a lot like a John Cena video at this point.

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