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Dad jailed for repeatedly criticizing Judge Rachel Rancilio – Macomb County

Reform Our family court is against the abuse of power that Judge Rachel Rancilio from Macomb County has displayed. #reformourfamilycourtsnow #judges

Just as a summary this judge, Rachel Rancilio jailed a man because she “felt uncomfortable” by his remarks. The sheriff confirmed there were NO threats or direct harassment made. This judge went to this father’s social media and read the comments. The way we see this story (we could be wrong) is this woman judge was stalking this father that just lost his child that he believed was dead because this judge was warned repeatedly about the mother causing harm to the child. This judge should have just let the grieving father vent. She is acting like a communist court. There is truly something wrong with someone that abuses their power like this. Judge Rachel Rancilio needs to lose her job and perhaps face criminal charges. At least that is our opinion.

(WXYZ) — He lost a custody battle, then his son lost his life. He blames the court system. He voiced his strong opinions on social media and the next thing he knew he was locked in jail. like many fathers we speak to everyday. It is a common theme. Fathers bring up the horror that happens at the mother’s house but the judges like Rachel Rancilio

“He was so full of life,” said Deborah Vanderhagen of her grandson. “I am trying not to cry.”

On September 22 it will be the two-year anniversary of the day Deborah Vanderhagen’s grandson Killian lost his life, While in the custody of his mother, She believes her son Jonathan Vanderhagen is justified in feeling the court cost her grandson his life. He died in the custody of his mom after her son asked for sole custody.

“His lawyer said something is going to happen to this child. You need to get him away from the mother. There are too many red flags. And the judge said, oh that is in the past,” said Deborah Vanderhagen.

The police report filed after two-year-old Killian died shows he had a previous medical condition and investigators did not believe there was evidence Killian’s mother was responsible. His dad felt otherwise and repeatedly posted criticism of the judge and friend of the court on his Facebook Page.

Judge Rachel Rancilio saw the posts, many of which are publicly targeted at her. She apparently felt uncomfortable and possibly threatened. Rancilio claims she felt possibly threatened? That is the most embarrassing and ridiculous thing a coward could say. This woman makes her living by destroying lives. A child is possibly dead because of her belief that woman make better parents. Just because someone ‘feels’ uncomfortable they can jail someone? What an absolute joke this judge is.

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The Macomb County Sheriff’s office responded and found he criticized what Judge Rachel Rancilio pinned on Pinterest as in his opinion inappropriate, posted videos saying he feels she and others responsible for Killian’s death, and blamed the court system for his loss.

The investigative report also says at no time did he threaten harm or violence. So when the posts are not sent to the judge, she needs to actually go looking for them on his social media account, no threats were made, no violent comments were made according to the local law enforcement, this judge takes it into her own hands to have him jailed? This is abuse of power like we see all the time in family court. It is time to end this and hold these narcissistic judges and attorneys accountable for their actions. Put this woman in jail!

Still he was charged with malicious use of telecommunications services and released on bond. Then he made more posts, such as one that reads, “Dada back to digging and you best believe I’m gonna dig up all the skeletons in this court’s closet.”

A judge ruled he violated his bond conditions. He now is in jail on half a million dollars bond.

His mom says she feels he simply was exercising his right to free speech.

“He just wants justice. He don’t want to kill anybody. He don’t want anybody physically hurt. He wants them to acknowledge what they’ve done and get justice,” said Deborah Vanderhagen.

A jury trial is scheduled for September 13.

Original story By:Kim Russell

Judge Rachel Rancilio was elected to the Circuit Court bench on November 8th, 2016. Judge Rachel Rancilio is a partner in the law firm of Fischer, Garon, Hoyumpa & Rancilio in Mt. Clemens. For fourteen years she specialized in complex domestic, civil and criminal litigation, serving as attorney-of-record in more than two hundred cases before the Macomb circuit bench. Rachel, while playing Division 1 Softball, attended the University of Detroit Mercy on an academic scholarship and was a member of Wayne State University Law School’s Law Review.  She enjoys spending time with her two children.

UPDATE: There is now a petition to have Judge Rachel Rancilio recalled/impeached. Let’s hope there is justice in the country and this judge never gets to work in the legal world again. She needs to be disbarred and fired immediately!

Judge Rachel Rancilios
Judge Rachel Rancilios

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16th Judicial Circuit Court
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Telephone: (586) 493-6748

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@peepso_user_3(Reform Courts)
Every single one of Judge Rachel Rancilio’s cases needs to be reviewed. She needs to be put under a microscope to see how many rulings she made based on her “feelings” as apposed to ruling on the law which is how judges are required to rule!
@peepso_user_2(Republican )
2 years ago
@peepso_user_3(Reform Courts)

Josef Gray
Raeford, NC, United States
SEP 19, 2019 —

Hello Everyone!

Great news coming from our side of the fence as the jury acquitted Mr. Vanderhagen, and he is free to go. More details to follow, but thank you all very much for your support- it is our understanding that Mr. Vanderhagen appreciates the outpouring from you all, and we will post what he has to say as soon as… Read more
2 years ago