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Petition Now Started to Impeach Judge Rachel Rancilio from 16th Circuit Court, Macomb County

There is now a petition to impeach/recall Judge Rachel Rancilio, A story we have been following very closely is the awful miscarriage of justice that was displayed by Judge Rachel Rancilio from the 16th Circuit Court in Macomb County. This is a perfect example of the abuse of power so many judges use in our courts but especially out family courts.

Reform Our Family Courts

Reform Our Family Courts Now was started for one reason and one reason only. Our founder was in a very high conflict divorce and he saw what the constant years of abuse from his ex was doing to his children. The fact a person could use the family court system as a revenge tool with no one having any concern for his children but him was devastating. He saw attorneys that had no regard for law. He saw judges that had no regard for the truth. No matter how much he begged, he broke down in court and pleaded with everyone from the attorneys, judges and PRE and guardians ad litem to just make the abuse stop. I wouldn’t for 5 long years. He was falsely accused of horrific acts he had to defend against. He was forced to meet with psychiatrists and PREs to prove he was as good as a parent as his ex wife. He won almost every time but the cost was so damaging. He lost just about everything. The attorney fees and court costs were hundreds of thousands of dollars. He was mentally, physically and financially broken. He was not just depressed he was being pushed over the edge. He found it hard to function on a day to day bases.

At this point he tried to find anyone that would understand. Anyone that would listen. He stumbled across some Facebook pages like #ReformOurFamilyCourtsNow. At that point he realized not only was he not alone, there where hundreds of thousands of people across the country that weren’t only going through it but had the exact same story as him. As he was reading these stories it sounded like he was reading his own. He Realized at that point he wasn’t alone.

He knew at this point he found something to give him strength. Not only a fight for him and his children but fight for every damn child, father, mother and grandparent that is being alienated by a vicious and and angry ex. This is not a group only for men. Although most groups of this type have the word “father” in the title Reform Our Family Courts Now realized there were a lot of women with the same story. Good loving parents that had no idea how bad the system can be abused by horrible monsters.

At this point he knew what he was put on this earth to do. He began fighting for every child of divorce. Every person that was being abused by the system. He began calling anyone that would listen. From state senators and congress members to senators on a national level. He began knocking on doors. He began giving his number out to anyone that was in pain. He spoke to hundreds of people then that number became thousands. He realized that no matter what city, county or state they lived in the stories were almost identical. At this point he was flat broke and in debt from fighting his own battle. All he had was a ton of people on social media that supported the movement and the knowledge of webdesign and SEO. The Reform Our Family Courts Now movement was born.

We believe in 50/50 shared parenting, decision making and finance. 50/50 means no one wins but the children. Read more

Florida Man Throws Urine on DA

Florida Man Throws Urine On DA Because “He Pissed Me Off”

Not that this type of behavior could ever do any good for you in the courtroom, many people that have been in family court understand the frustration of the system. How most people in that courtroom have no interest in the truth.

SEPTEMBER 6–A Florida Man awaiting sentencing for attempted murder doused a prosecutor with urine Wednesday during an attack in a Fort Lauderdale courtroom.

Florida Man Throws Urine on Da

According to a criminal complaint, Albert Narvaez, 28, was inside Judge Susan Alspector’s courtroom when he charged at Assistant State Attorney Andrew Newman and “threw urine fluid” at the lawyer. I think that many of the folks abused through the system in our family courts can understand where this man is coming from.

“The urine went inside [Newman’s] mouth and outer clothing,” an investigator reported. Newman was the lead prosecutor in the attempted murder case for which Narvaez was convicted and scheduled to be sentenced. I am pretty sure the fact it went in his mouth made the assault worth while for Narvaez.

Pictured at right, Narvaez, who worked at a Hallandale Beach sports bar, was convicted of firing several shots at his girlfriend as she ran from his vehicle following an argument in June 2017. Again this action is absolutely inexcusable but let’s keep in mind even a DA can be unethical. The DA is interested in only one thing, conviction rate and the truth is not something many of them are concerned about. The woman was not struck by the five or six bullets fired by Narvaez. Many people will agree that attorneys are the lowest forms of life on the planet. Even DA’s that are supposed to be helping the public often overlook the actual truth and facts.

Narvaez has been in custody at the Broward County jail in connection with the attempted murder case. It is unclear if he transported the bodily fluid into Alspector’s courtroom, or whether he urinated into some kind of a container while there. Not sure how a guy pissing in the water pitcher in the middle of his trial would go unnoticed by everyone in the courtroom.

After the urine attack, Narvaez stated, “He pissed on me. He told me to do it. Fuck him,” according to the court complaint. Not sure this guy has the best defense. Reform Our Family Courts Now does not condone what he did to his girlfriend but as people that have been pissed on by the courts we can certainly understand his frustration and really think him throwing piss on the DA isn’t something we can condone we certainly understand why he did it.

Narvaez was charged with misdemeanor battery. His sentencing in the attempted murder case was postponed. It seems like they needed some time to clean up the DA and didn’t want to sentence him on that day.

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Judge Rachel Rancilios

Dad jailed for repeatedly criticizing Judge Rachel Rancilio – Macomb County

Just as a summary this judge, Rachel Rancilio jailed a man because she “felt uncomfortable” by his remarks. The sheriff confirmed there were threats or direct harassment made. This judge went to this father’s social media and read the comments. The way we see this story (we could be wrong) is this woman judge was stalking this father that just lost his child that he believed was dead because this judge was warned repeatedly about the mother causing harm to the child. This judge should have just let the grieving father vent. She is acting like a communist court. There is truly something wrong with someone that abuses their power like this. Judge Rachel Rancilio needs to lose her job and perhaps face criminal charges. At least that is our opinion.