Denver CO

Denver CO – The Heart of Colorado

Arranged in the South Platte River Valley, this advanced city draws transparency from the Great Plains toward the east and highlights marvelous Rocky Mountain perspectives toward the west. Occupants of this mile-high scene (Denver is actually 5,280 feet above ocean level, or one mile high; 1.6 km for our metric companions) are noted for their radiant miens and can-do perspectives.

Real Estate Agents Golden CO

Real Estate Agents Across Colorado Continue to See Historically Low Home Inventory

Real estate agents in Colorado and across the nation have not been seeing nearly as many homes for sale in their market as past years. Just when Realtors thought the existing home inventory couldn’t get any lower, it does, again and again. There have been occasional “balances” in the market when there seemed to be a pretty equal number of serious home buyers and and sellers. Those days are gone again.