Southwest Florida

Real Estate Agent Negotiations in Southwest Florida

Know if we are in a buyer or seller market
It is very important to know the “pulse” of the market when negotiating a real estate deal. When you go into real estate negotiations on a property there are many variables and it is a fluid situation. There was a time in the Southwest Florida real estate market over the last few years that a seller could get away with an awful lot. Those days have passed for the most part. It still isn’t a buyer’s market but sellers can’t really demand as much as they once could. There was a time, especially in Fort Myers, Sanibel, Bonita Springs and Cape Coral a seller could basically name their price, name 95% of the terms and have 1 hour showing windows every 3 days and still receive multiple cash offers over asking price. That gave the seller great negotiating position. Those days are in the past for now. So we will discuss negotiation strategy in a more level and sane market.

The Evergreen Experience

The Evergreen Experience

Evergreen can be a great experience for everyone. All ages and lifestyles. Evergreen has fun things for children to do as well as adults. Spending a day in Evergreen, CO or living here is always an experience. There are thousands of acres of open space and parks to hike. There are plenty of restaurants and places to see live music. You can always spend the day on Evergreen Lake in the summer or winter. You can fish year round on the lake. You can kayak and walk the lake during the summer. In the winter you can experience ice skating, hockey and ice fishing. There are lots of festivals and fairs in Evergreen,

For sale by owner

For Sale By Owner Homes in Evergreen and Denver, CO

In today’s booming economy and with the housing market through the roof more sellers are going the for sale by owner route. This is no different in Evergreen, CO and Denver. There are more for sale by owner homes in Evergreen, CO than last year. That means there are homes not selling by this method. Trying to save a few bucks can cost FSBO people tons of of money! [READ FULL STORY] about for sale by owner homes in Evergreen and Denver Foothills.